01 Expected Budget for the first Y-EFM standard plant, equipments, and operational expenses are 1,150,000,000 yen.
02 Real estate expenditures for the land and building needs to be set aside from the above budget.
(Factory needs 14,520 square feet of land and two storage buildings need 10,890 square feet each.)
03 Y-EFM Plant with machineries cost 1,000,000,000 yen.
Preparation Plant (1,000kg/hour) with one line
EFM Product Plant (250kg/hour) with two lines
(Depending on the volume of processing plastic waste plant budget varies between 850 to 1,350 million yen)
04 About 1 billion yen is expected for electric equipments, office equipments, and other operation expenditures.
05 50 million yen is expected for initial operational cost.
06 Factory will be operational 24/7 and 360 days per annum with 10 to 15 staffs.
07 Employment condition will vary for part-timers and miscellaneous workers depending on the kind and quality of plastic wastes.
08 Necessary application, training, and licenses include folk lift operation, compact crane operation, waste material handling license and so on.
09 Operation will start when industrial waste management license isgranted.
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