PAT No.3005183 Water cooling tank with moving molding
PAT No.2002531 Production method for cobble stones
PAT No.2510471 Tightening equipment for synthetic resin molding
PAT No.3924335 Equipment for compressing burned ash
PAT No.3985529 Processing method of plastic waste
PAT,P No.1995-271765 Plunger type resin spray equipment
PAT,P No.1997-287376 Production method for think plastic molding
PAT,P No.1998-190683 Buffering for road quake
PAT,P No.1999-025409 Burned ash disposal method
PAT,P No.1999-302709 Plastic molding method
PAT,P No.2000-223039 Energy pallet from waste plastic
PAT,P No.2003-017880 Odd material removing equipment in crushed plastic waste
PAT,P No.2003-017882 Production method of waste fuel

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